Candles illuminate a small digital clock that reads 10:16pm.

Photo Credit: Boyan Chen / Pixabay

More Planned Power Outages for NorthIsle

Better get the candles out, things are gonna be dark

Overnight power outage will let BC Hydro repair power lines and other infrastructure

Maybe you should go to bed early on Monday, October 4. Oh, and turn off all your electronics before you hit the hay.

BC Hydro will shut off power to NorthIsle on October 4 and October 5. But unlike the power outage in July, this one will last overnight.

According to BC Hydro, the power will be out from 10:00 pm until 6:00 am in Woss, Telegraph Cove, Alert Bay, Malcolm Island, Port McNeill, Port Alice, Port Hardy, Coal Harbour, Holberg, Quatsino, Winter Harbour, and surrounding areas.

BC Hydro is telling everyone to turn off their major appliances before the outage happens. It’s hard on the system when everyone’s dishwashers and clothes dryers turn on at once, and it’s also hard on the appliances.

BC Hydro has been repairing hydro lines and other infrastructure in the North for a while now. That’s probably good, because we might be in for a harsh fall.

Lots of trees died during this summer’s drought. All it will take is a big windstorm to knock a bunch down and onto the power lines.

It’s also a La Niña year. That means the fall will be windy and wet.

… Sweet.

Hopefully, the planned outage and the repair work will bring down the number of unplanned outages we usually get.