Gold River EV charging site

Photo Credit: CTV News / BC Hydro

Gold River is Now Fully Charged

Electric vehicle owners rejoice!

Keep that EV running

Gas prices got you down? Looking to get up island, but not sure how reliable the route may be for your modern electric steed?  

Fear not, as NorthIsle just got a boost. BC Hydro put in its latest electric vehicle charging site in Gold River. It’s located beside the Gold River Tourist Information Centre.

More folks on VanIsle are starting to drive electric cars. SouthIsle has electric school buses. There’s even talk of electric ferries and electric logging trucks that get charged using special stations.

But sometimes EV drivers can “run out of gas” before they find a charging station on the Island.

“This charging site in Gold River opens another section of Vancouver Island to electric vehicle tourism,” said Michele Babchuk, MLA for North Island.

The charge site includes two 50-kilowatt charging units. Each unit can add 50 kilometres of driving to an average electric vehicle in about 10 minutes.

Brad Unger, the Mayor of Gold River, is pretty excited to see the new station. “We are very happy to see our community move forward with an electric vehicle fast-charging site in Gold River,” he said.

In September, BC Hydro revealed its Electrification Plan to reduce carbon emissions. The plan includes installing 325 charging stations at 145 sites across BC in the next five years.

This is great news for folks who want to switch to cars that put fewer polluting gasses into the atmosphere. For their next trick, BC Hydro should promise to keep the lights on consistently on NorthIsle. Now that would be impressive!