RCMP officers stand outside a Tim Horton's on a sunny day.

Photo Credit: Campbell River Mirror

RCMP Shoot and Kill a Man in Campbell River After He Stabs Their Dog

A violent standoff ends in death

Until the Independent Investigations Office finishes their investigation, the RCMP is not allowed to release any details

The RCMP shot and killed a man in Campbell River this morning. The RCMP tried to stop a vehicle because the driver was wanted for a warrant. The driver sped away, but a little while later, the vehicle was spotted in the Tim Horton’s parking lot on South Island Highway.

Gator. Photo Courtesy of Erin Wallis Photography.

An officer managed to box the driver into the parking lot. He approached the driver with Gator, a service dog with the RCMP.

It isn’t clear how all of the events went down, but at some point, the driver stabbed Gator and the dog’s handler, and then the RCMP shot the driver dead.

Whenever the RCMP kills someone, the case gets handled by the Independent Investigations Office (IIO). Until the IIO finishes their investigation, the RCMP is not allowed to release any details. So it will be a while before we know more.

“At the end of the day, we need to determine whether or not the actions of the police officer were justified,” Ron Macdonald, chief civilian director of the IIO, told CTV News.

The RCMP is heartbroken over the loss of their dog, Gator. He was a loyal service dog for five years. 

A memorial has been started by local folks outside the Campbell River RCMP building.