Two technicians in a cherry picker inspect equipment at the top of a hydro pole on a sunny day.

Photo Credit: BC Hydro

North Island Roasts with No Power

This is a terrible time for an outage

There’s only one transmission line to Northern Vancouver Island, so when it fails we’re all toast

Folks on the north Island went without power for 22 hours in the heat wave because an old piece of equipment died.

The power went out around 3:30 in the afternoon on Monday June 28. It took till the next morning for crews to find the problem.

BC Hydro sent helicopters out to inspect the lines that afternoon, but it was too hot to work for very long. So they grounded the helicopters and tried again on Tuesday morning.

They eventually found the problem about 10 km outside of Woss.

It wasn’t the heat. It wasn’t a tree on the power line. It was just a piece of equipment that stopped working at a really bad time.

Crews fixed the problem on Tuesday morning and power came back around 12:20.

Folks will have to deal with another power outage on July 15. The power will be turned off so that BC Hydro crews can upgrade parts of the line.

Hopefully that means there will be fewer outages later on.