Bad Actor in an Even Worse Disguise

You can't make this stuff up

A very regular day on the Quadra ferry

What do you do when you live on an island and get banned from the ferry?

Pretend you’re someone else, duh.

Unfortunately, when it comes to acting, only so many people have the talent.

One Quadra Island man gave his best attempt, but he’s certainly not winning any awards.

On October 9, BC Ferries contacted the Quadra Island RCMP about a not-so-stealthy individual who had boarded a vessel in disguise.

The man had been banned from riding the ferry. But he decided it was time to make a spy movie come to life to get across the water.

Unfortunately for him, the movie he brought to life was a low-budget comedy.

He donned what Quadra Island RCMP said was obviously a wig, oversized scarf, and sunglasses. The man gave his best James Bond impersonation, which was apparently an odd, high-pitched attempt at either an Australian or British accent.

After quickly being “found out” the stow-away—who is apparently well known to police—made a run for it. He abandoned his masterful disguises on the trail behind him as he dashed into the woods.

The “investigation” is reportedly ongoing.

Somehow, we’re guessing this won’t be the last we hear of this character.

You know, just regular island things.