A view over a misty lake with small mountains in the background.

Photo Credit: Village of Zeballos Website

Zeballos Asks People Not to Visit Unless it is Essential

It's far from a hospital if people get sick

Zeballos loves having visitors, just not right now

The Mayor and Council of Zeballos put up a notice on their website last week asking people not to come unless they have to.

Zeballos is a popular place for people who love the outdoors, and normally Zeballos loves having visitors. But, as the notice says, they are a small community and they don’t have a lot of medical resources. If people get sick, they have to travel to bigger places to get care, and that can be tough.

Many of the local businesses and organizations have reduced their work hours and services so they can all focus on taking care of each other.

Zeballos is a beautiful place. The people who live there really look forward to having everybody back when COVID-19 is over, but for now it is safest to get outside closer to home.