Wildfire Crews Fight Trio of “Suspicious” Forest Fires

Every one of the Islands wildfires this year have been human caused

Just after Highway 4 reopened, three more fires were found

Just after wildfire crews got the Cameron Lake Bluffs fire under control and Highway 4 reopened, the Alberni Valley took another big hit. 

Three small, fast-moving blazes were found early this morning just south of the Port Alberni Highway.

All about 200 meters apart, Coastal Fire Centre information officer Jade Richardson said they are “suspicious” and likely human-caused.

The Port Alberni Fire Department says the fires are outside the department’s firefighting jurisdiction. While smoke has spread throughout the valley, there is “no risk to any structures at this time.”

As they’re burning in the Roger’s Creek area, their proximity to city limits is still concerning, but two of the fires are classified as being held, and the other is deemed under control.

You can see some footage taken of the fires by the Port Alberni Fire Department below.

Wildfire services point out that all 47 wildfires so far this year on Vancouver Island have been human-caused.

So be more careful folks.

We must be super conscious when doing anything that could spark a blaze.

Discarded cigarettes often start fires and sparks from offroad vehicles or machinery.