Jan Ledhe in her studio.

Photo Credit: Jan Ledhe | Sointula Winterfest

This Winter Fair is an Art Lover’s Dream

Sointula Winterfest is back and better than ever!

Sointula Winterfestival is true to its roots and shaped by the growing arts community on Malcolm Island

The last two years have left us hungry for in-person experiences. And local art is at the top of that list.

Finally, the 44th Annual Sointula Winterfestival Craft Fair is back on Malcolm Island on Saturday, November 12th, 2022, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“Winterfest is a great chance for people to meet the local makers directly and learn about their process, traditions and materials,” says Carmen Burrows, a member of the organizing committee.

“We’ve really been missing that face-to-face connection during the pandemic, and we’re looking
forward to people coming to see what everyone’s been working on.”

The celebration of arts, crafts and community showcases handmade and original works from ceramics and paintings to fibre arts, woodwork and photography, along with local foods and baking.

The originality and handmade, west coast style truly sets this show apart.

“Our artwork strongly reflects this unique place,” says artist and organizer Jan Lehde. “Many artists and crafts people use resources from nature in their works, and you’ll see the wonder and beauty of nature in many of the arts as well.”

The event has come a long way from it’s origins. It was once a little craft market put together by local mums to earn extra cash for Christmas.

Now it’s firmly shaped by the growing arts community on Malcolm Island, and visitors will find artworks to fulfill any holiday shopping list.

Admission is free for the event and it’s taking place at three different venues: the historic Finnish Organization
Hall, Sointula Athletic Hall, and the Dance Studio.

You can find full info on the event on their website.

Just as excited as we are to see them, the artists in residence are stoked to be back in action.

“I’m ecstatic that Winterfest is back. I’m inspired to create new paintings and so looking forward to seeing everyone at the FO Hall,” says Jan Lehde.