A road construction sign leans against a fence.

Photo Credit: Ethan Morneau / My Campbell River Now

South Campbell River Sewer Upgrades Start July 19

19A's road surface will be pretty torn up during construction

All that poop has to go somewhere

Traffic is going to get pretty bad on Highway 19A starting Monday, July 19. This is because the sewer lines are getting an upgrade.

Earlier this year, the City of Campbell River figured out that the sewer between Willow Creek, Highway 19A, and Jubilee Parkway was full. So no more homes could be connected to the sewer, even the 20 houses already being built.

Next Monday, speed limits on the highway between Maryland and Twillingate will be lowered so that construction workers can dig up the road. The work will probably take 4 weeks.

The road surface will be pretty torn up during construction. Pylons will be put out to help drivers make their way around the worst of it.

But walkers, bikers, and drivers will all have to share the road in the work zone, so it’s important to go slow and be careful.

Detour signs will be put to help locals get to Maryland and Twillingate. Drivers can get to Maryland using Colorado Drive or Washington Drive. Drivers can get to Twillingate using Dahl Road.

The bus stops on both sides of the road will be moved north until the construction is finished, and then they’ll be moved back.

The Seawalk is still open.

If you have questions about the construction, you can call Upland Contracting Ltd. at (250) 286-1148.