A picture of Boyce doing tricks on his board next to pics of smiling kids getting free skateboards.
Photo Credit: @sluggoboyce | Instagram

Photo Credit: @sluggoboyce | Instagram

“Sluggo” Claus Comes Early for Skaters

Pro skateboarder Rob “Sluggo” Boyce brought his big ol' bag of goodies for Islanders

Free boards for the next generation

It’s like Christmas in the summer for NorthIsle skateboard lovers.

Santa Claus was nowhere to be seen, but “Sluggo” Claus was flying around town in his big red truck with awesome gifts for all.

Representing Red Dragon Apparel, Rob “Sluggo” Boyce—VanIsle’s original pro skater—made his rounds in Port Hardy, Port McNeill, and Sayward. His gifts? Free skateboards.

For kids who hadn’t been able to skateboard before, it was a dream come true.

“We can’t express enough the gratitude and appreciation we have for this!! So many kids were inspired and motivated. My little dude has been vibrating since yesterday, and couldn’t wait to tell his dad all about it!!! He won’t forget this,” said one thrilled momma on Instagram.

And apparently giving all those boards away was just as much a thrill as getting them.

“If I give out 100 or 150 boards today, if I get 10 lifelong skateboarders, that’s amazing, because we’re a great community we’re a great culture,” Boyce told the North Island Eagle.

His goal with all those free boards is to help foster the next generation of skate lovers and potentially skate pros on VanIsle.

Boyce has had a crazy career himself. He has travelled the world and competed against huge names like Tony Hawk. He’s worked as a TV and film stunt performer for the past 30 years and co-owns Red Dragon Apparel.

The Red Dragons was an underground skate crew composed of Colin McKay, Boyce, and Moses Itkonen in the late 80s.

After moving back to Vancouver Island at the beginning of August he wanted to give back to as many communities as possible. “So, every weekend I’m filling my truck full of boards and just driving to communities and handing them out because right now is the time,” he said.

He’s been through Victoria, Comox, and now NorthIsle and hopes to continue giving back as much as he can.

“The amount of love I received from each of these communities was humbling. Sayward, McNeill and Hardy, thank you for letting me come into your community to share skateboarding with your youth. I heard thank you yesterday more than anywhere else I’ve been this summer,” he said in a posting for the giveaway.

The response he’s been getting has been overwhelmingly positive, and we’re looking forward to reporting more on our growing skate community.

As one commentator put it, “Legendary stuff, RDS 4 life.”