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Royal Coronation Celebrated On The Island

Dedicated fans go all out for the historic event

Islanders came together and stayed up all night to watch the festivities

Vancouver Island has been one of the Royal Family’s most treasured places for the last century.

The late Queen visited seven times and “retained the happiest memories” of her time here.

For many loyal Islanders, her visits were also some of their happiest memories.

With King Charles’s and Queen Camila’s official coronation, devoted fans went all out to celebrate.

People gathered at the 144-year-old Union Club in Victoria at 3:00 AM to take in the whole ceremony on a big screen – while sipping tea, of course.

Donna Otto, who watched the entire show, told Global News it was worth waiting up for.

“At the same time that it’s happening, this is the moment in history,” she said, expressing how exciting it was to be present for such a historic event.

She and her husband, David Spence, president of the Royal Commonwealth Society Vancouver Island, are huge supporters of King Charles, especially for his interest in environmentalism.

“He’s done things that haven’t always been acknowledged,” she said.

With his passion for nature, heritage preservation, and gardening, King Charles definitely fits right in on the Island.

Keith Hallsor, BC member of the Monarchist League of Canada, went all the way to Ottawa to take part in a special Canadian coronation event at Rideau Hall.

Hallsor says there are about 800-1,000 members of the Monarchist League in BC, but it’s not hard to see many more supporters when larger events occur.

“Occasions like the coronation and significant events are a chance for us to come together to celebrate our history, our heritage and who we are in a non-partisan way that brings the community together,” said Hallsor.

“You see that whenever you see a Royal Family member in Vancouver or Victoria, people come out, and it’s a positive event.”

Other local events included a special afternoon tea at the Fairmont Empress, featuring Charles’ favourite Darjeeling tea, and an evening concert at Victoria’s Christ Church Cathedral featuring “coronation anthems.”