A bed with white linens in a sunny room.
Photo Credit: Zach Rose | Flickr

Oceans 22: The Quadra Island Pillowcase Heist

Thieves have absolutely pillaged a Quadra Island resort, making off with $1500 worth of...

Hold on to your bed sheets

Get ready to hear about VanIsle’s newest criminal enterprise: The Pillowcase Bandits.

They strike where you least expect it, and hit you where it hurts the most.

Your 1,000 thread count bed sheets.

Imagine coming home exhausted, getting into your comfy clothes and ready to throw yourself into bed only to tragically realize all your fancy sheets are gone. Vanished.

That’s what happened at a Quadra Island resort when the Pillowcase Bandits executed their first heist last week.

On June 23rd, Quadra RCMP received a report of a linen heist that occurred at the Taku Resort on June 13th. The manager reported that someone had broken into the laundry room and stolen over $1500 worth of linens.

They stole rags, towels, and bed sheets, you name it. Anything soft to the touch was up for grabs.

The thief or thieves also stole money from a cash register before departing.

No video evidence was gathered from the incident, so we still have no idea who may be responsible.

What they’re doing with the pillowcases? No one knows.

We’ll keep you updated.