A weather map of rainfall totals on Vancouver Island with Tahsis and Zeballos region highlighted.

Photo Credit: The Weather Network / VanIsle.News Staff

NorthIsle Getting Soaked—Again

Environment Canada says Tahsis and Zeballos will get especially drenched

Third time’s the charm, right?

We might be sick of the rain, but the rain isn’t sick of us.

The third atmospheric river in a week is flowing toward VanIsle. Environment Canada has posted yet another rainfall warning for the Island.

The river will hit NorthIsle first on Monday night, and then spread to WestIsle on Tuesday morning. And it probably won’t stop raining until some time on Wednesday.

We know what an atmospheric river looks like on the ground, but here’s what this one looks like from space:

Though the whole Island will get lots of rain, Environment Canada has gotten specific about rainfall in Tahsis and Zeballos. These two places can bet on another 200+ mm of rain. Based on the Weather Newtork’s map, it looks like Gold River is also in the river’s dampest path.

The western edge of NorthIsle will also get high winds over Monday night. As if the rain wasn’t enough.

So far there is no rain in the forecast for this weekend. Thank goodness!

Hopefully this means the end of one of the wettest periods in the Island’s history. We could all use a few days to dry out.