An architect's drawing of a potential old folks home in Port Hardy. Grey, yellow, and blue townhouses line a street with benches and small trees.

Photo Credit: Finlayson Bonet Architects / North Island Gazette

No Housing for Old Men (or Old Women, or Disabled Folks…)

Great idea gets turned down

BC Housing has rejected a plan to build an old folks home, but they need a week to tell anyone why

The North Island Seniors Housing Foundation (NISHF) has been working on this project for four years. Eight acres of land beside the North Island Mall in Port Hardy was reserved for the project, and people were already applying to live there. But this week, BC Housing rejected the proposal.

NISHF Chair Gordon Patterson said on Facebook that the news is “disappointing”, but that everyone involved should be proud of the work they’ve done. “I would again like to thank everyone for their kind support, donations, and hard work,” he wrote.

NISHF got together in 2016. They were a group of mostly retired business people who were tired of seeing older folks move away because there is no seniors home in Port Hardy.

Though the NISHF proposal was turned down, the organization isn’t ready to pack it in. They’ll meet again on June 18 to decide what to do from here.

That’s when BC Housing will explain exactly why the proposal was rejected.