A cougar with its mouth open. It looks like it's stalking something.

Photo Credit: IanZA / Pixabay

Logger Saves Dog—and Himself—from a Cougar

He fought a cougar and won

William John has a new nickname, and it’s Cougar Willy.

William John is a logger from Nanaimo who spends his weeks in the Woss RV park while he’s working. The other day he took his dog, Leroy, out for a walk on the trails behind the park. But he was in for more than just a walk.

There was a cougar out on the trail with him, and that cougar wanted to turn Leroy into dinner. According to the BC Conservation Officer Service, the same cougar had gone after another dog just a day earlier, and folks nearby used a pipe to beat it away.

“He’s gonna eat my dog, there’s no doubt about it,” John told CHEK News. “Another second and he would have had him right by the neck, or the head, so it was just—nope.”

William John beat back a cougar to save his dog, Leroy. Photo care of CHEK News.

“So I swatted him like that and he let the dog go, and then he swatted at me, and it was sort of a Mexican standoff there for a minute.”

A second dog came on the scene, so the cougar must have felt outnumbered and it took off.

John has a wicked scratch on his finger from the cougar and a new nickname—Cougar Willy. And he still has his dog.

Conservation Officers are still searching for the cougar, and signs have been put up in the area to warn folks to be careful because this big cat might try to eat your dog.