Volunteer firefighters learn how to extract someone from a damaged car.

Photo Credit: Woss Volunteer Fire Dept | Facebook

Local Heroes: Woss Volunteer Fire Department

If anyone deserves a shout out, it's them

They had a fiery weekend learning to save you from a car crash

Weekends are for rest and relaxation… unless you’re a volunteer firefighter.

The fire crews from Woss and Port McNeill had an eventful weekend.

It’s not often you see a car on fire. And very few people know how to properly save someone from that situation.

Luckily for all of us, these fire rescue workers now know how to do just that.

Photo from Woss Volunteer Fire Dept | Facebook.

Thanks to some thoughtful donations of old work trucks from Western Forest Products, the crew was able to simulate real-life crash situations.

The practice will help make sure they’re ready to help no matter what craziness gets thrown at them.

KGC Rescue provided the teacher to sharpen everyone’s skills, and the weekend was all around a fiery success!

Big thanks to all the caring volunteers for giving up their time to make sure all the NorthIsle residents they serve get to live all of theirs.

Photo from Woss Volunteer Fire Dept | Facebook.

Also, we really want to know how they got those trucks flipped.