How Much Do You Know About Our Coast?

The Raincoast Foundation is a local organization looking to help you learn more.

Camps and forest walks teach about the plants and animals we’re surrounded by

The diversity of our magnificent coast is astounding.

You could spend a lifetime learning all about the ecosystems we’re surrounded by.

What’s edible, poisonous, or medicinal?

How have animals adapted to changing conditions?

There’s giant squid living in our waters?

These are just a few of the hundreds of topics that the Raincoast Foundation is here to give answers on.

The Raincoast Foundation is “a team of scientists & conservationists empowered by our research to safeguard the lands, waters & wildlife of coastal BC.”

The local organization just celebrated ten years of operation, and they’ve got a ton of programs they want you to know about.

From field schools and camps for elementary students to forest walks and seminars for adults of all ages – they work to inform locals about the lands they’re living on.

The non-profit is active in many long-term projects to better understand the ecology of our coasts.

In partnership with collaborators from several universities and government agencies, their work has shed light on everything from shorebird migration to salmon diets.

Once they learn something new through these efforts, they’re here to share it.

Lectures and courses are all delivered by expert instructors. Each one will strengthen your connections to people and places – and leave you knowing more about your home.

You can view the full list of their available programs here. With a different program running nearly daily, there’s truly something for everyone.

Most of their programs are entirely free or offered at cost.

The bulk of their funding comes from local businesses and individual donors.

To learn more or support, head here.