Here’s your Campbell River Council Candidates!

Who are you Voting for?

Your 2022 Elections Round Up

With elections fast approaching, it’s time to get to know the 14 people you’ll be choosing from to represent you.

We’ve put together a quick info guide to give you a taste of what each candidate is focused on and links so you can learn more!

Ken Blackburn

Ken has lived in Campbell River for the past 18 years and has been responsible for over 700 community programs in the city, including the Living History Program for the Museum and the Art + Earth Initiative for the Arts Council.

A big part of his focus is on creating equal relationships between business and not-for-profit sectors in the city. 

His website says, “I understand well community dynamics and what it takes to effect real change. I am looking forward to the election campaign to outline where we need to go to foster our economy, to face our social challenges together and to put in place the environmental awareness needed to ensure the Campbell River area grows in a sustainable manner in the years to come.”

Facebook: Ken Blackburn for City Council

Doug Chapman

Doug worked in local government administration and finance for 35 years, and now he hopes to bring that economic experience to Council.

Doug’s running on the idea of being “Fiscally Conservative, Socially Progressive.” He prioritizes having a “dual vision,” prioritizing making what he sees as sound financial decisions for the future.

He supports keeping tax increases to a minimum, residential development, and supporting unhoused people and those battling addiction.

Doug’s hasn’t yet posted a campaign website. We’ll update as it comes.

Mike Davies

Mike Davies is an artist and storyteller.

Mike’s covered local stories for nearly a decade as a reporter for the Campbell River Mirror. After getting to know just about everything there is to know about our community – Mike’s hoping to focus on giving back and solving some of the problems he’s been reporting on.

From custom woodworking, painting, sculpting, making music and entertaining on youtube – Mike’s all about bringing more art and culture to Campbell River.

Mike hasn’t yet launched a campaign website. We’ll update as it comes.

Gwen Donaldson

Gwen has spent the last decade working in the fishing industry, what some would call the true heart of Campbell River.

Gwen owns a small business, Jellyfish Group. She supports a number of community-based projects, including the Community Action Team, Hama?elas Community Kitchen, CR Live Streets, and recreation and culture events.

As a mom, she’s proud to live, work, and raise her kids in our community and wants to give back to it further.

Gwen says she’ll support a Campbell River that is economically resilient and efficient, safe, socially innovative, responsive to diverse needs, while being transparent, respectful, and collaborative.

Facebook: Gwen Donaldson for Campbell River City Council

Colleen Evans

Coleen has served as City Councilor for eight years, and she’s ready to take on another term!

Coleen’s focus is on solving issues that matter most to families, primarily around safety and crime reduction, affordable housing, and making sure to get consistent community input on all social concerns.

She’s volunteered on the boards of everything from the Community Foundation, Museum, Tidemark Theatre. Gwen is the Founder of 100 Women Who Care Campbell River and a Director at the Children’s Health Foundation, Qwalayu House.

Facebook: Colleen Evans for Council

Tanille Johnston

A member of the WeWaiKai First Nation, Tanille would be the first Indigenous Councillor to serve in Campbell River if she is elected. We’ve done a full profile on her here.

Tanille has a Masters in Social Work and is the Manager of Primary Care for the Vancouver Island Region of First Nations Health Authority.

Born and raised in the community, her focus will be on:

“Implementation of a transportation plan that provides options for how we move through our city, increasing the availability of affordable housing, childcare spaces, and equitable infrastructure investments that enable our whole community to thrive.”

Facebook: Tanille for Campbell River City Council

Ron Kerr

Ron Kerr has enjoyed living in Campbell River for over 40 years. He’s served three terms on City Council, and he’s running for a fourth.

Ron owned multiple businesses in the community, and his list of past and present volunteer positions is about a mile long. Some notable mentions are as Vice-Chairman of the Community Advisory Committee and President of Past President of the Campbell River Arts Council.

His campaign website says, “With our many volunteers, groups and committees, we can accomplish an enormous amount. Together we make Campbell River an attractive and safe community. I would like to continue the work of keeping all of us involved. I believe working together with respect and integrity, we can achieve all our goals while making Campbell River a place we are proud to call home.”

Facebook: Ron Kerr, Campbell River City Counselor

Ben Lanyon

Ben has lived in Campbell River for 17 years. He’s a business owner, Chartered Professional Accountant and father.

His priorities focus on a safe and beautiful downtown, a more growth-oriented approach, improved housing affordability, and minimal property taxes.

His website says, “I want to make Campbell River clean, safe, prosperous, and affordable. This will benefit every one of us. I want us to be promoters of our region. I want us to be leaders of industry. I want us to defy expectations together and make something beautiful. I want our kids and grandkids to see our city as the best place to raise their families, play sports, enjoy nature, and smile.”

Facebook: Ben Lanyon for CR City Council 2022

Sandra Milligan

Sandra is a full-time biology instructor at North Island College, a mother, wife and life-long volunteer. 

Sandra has developed a deep portfolio of leadership experience over 20 years in town. Serving on multiple Boards, developing collective visions and building community assets; from the Aquarium to Greenways Land Trust, advocating for bike lanes, and public involvement in Beaver Lodge.

Some of her sandra’s priorities involve advocating for affordable housing, supporting a vibrant downtown core, and supporting innovation in forestry, aquaculture and other businesses, like the NextStream competition and TecHatchery

Facebook: Sandra Milligan

Sue Moen

Sue Moen has been in love with Campbell River for 12 years. Now she’s hoping to speak for others who feel the same.

She’s spent 30 years in the non-profit sector in food security and housing, which are huge priorities for her campaign.

She is the co-manager of the Farmers Market and an active member of the Canada Day Committee.
Sue believes in using local expertise and experience to responsibly re-localize many parts of our economy.

Her Facebook page says, “I will be an imaginative, bold and decisive voice at Council to take the urgent action we need.”

Facebook: Sue Moen for Campbell River City Counselor

Claire Moglove

With 10 years of Council experience and over 30 years as a lawyer, Clair has definitely been around the block.

She’s contributed to the CR community as everything from a Board member for the CR Community Foundation, the Willow Point Seniors Housing Society, and the CR and District Museum. She also volunteers at the Hama?elas Community Kitchen, and coordinated all of the volunteers for the Relay for Life and Terry Fox Run.

If she’s re-elected, Claire’s focus will be on housing, public safety, protecting our natural surroundings and promoting a modern, progressive community.

Facebook: Claire Moglove
Twitter: @clairemoglove

Susan Sinnott

Susan grew up in Campbell River, raised a family, and established her law practice here.

She’s worked to give back to our community through volunteering with CRTV, the Head Injury Society, Museum, City Airport Commission, and the Community Foundation.

If elected, Susan says she wants to help foster an “effective city council that is transparent.”

Her priorities will focus on delivering core services, growth and development, making housing more affordable, controlling property taxes, creating more legal suites, and partnering with first nations.

Facebook: Susan Sinnott for CR City Council 2022

Sean Smythe

Sean was elected to the City Council in the by-election of 2021 and wants to continue bringing his voice to the council table.

Sean spent 23 years working in every aviation industry sector, from helicopter logging support to airlines.

He was a member of the Campbell River Airport Authority for eight years, developing a working relationship with the city council and staff while learning the mechanics of municipal governance.

Sean has lived here for 14 years, now with his wife and two young children and wants to help bring the community towards a better future.

Facebook: Campbell River Councilor Sean Smythe

Ferris Stirling

A born and raised Campbell Riverite, Ferris wants to speak for and give back to this community.

From working at the sawmill, to banking, to helping small businesses, Ferris says “there is no place [he’d] rather be.”
Ferris wants to re-focus on making Campbell River healthy and safe for everyone, and says he’ll stand up to Island Health and BC Housing to make it happen.
Ferris’s Campaign website hasn’t been launched yet. We’ll update as it comes.

That’s your 2022 council round-up!

The public is invited to send their questions to:

If you’d like to learn more, everyone is invited to watch the Council Debates at the Tidemark Theatre, or tune in to them live on Facebook or the Tidemark Theatre website.
The dates are as follows, 7:00 to 9:00 PM each night.
Tuesday, September 20 – Mayoral debate (All 5 Candidates)
Wednesday, September 21 – Area Directors debate (All 7 Candidates)
Thursday, September 22 – Council debate 1 (5 of the Candidates)
Monday, September 26 – Council debate 2 (5 of the Candidates)
Wednesday, September 28 – Council debate 3 (4 of the Candidates)

You can also watch recordings posted 24 hours after each debate on both the CR Mirror Website and the chamber’s YouTube channel.

Good luck to all, and happy voting!