Dramatic Changes To Healthcare in Port Hardy

We're getting a whole new healthcare centre - with fresh branding

Dr. Nataros vs Island Health takes an unexpected turn

Dr. Alex Nataros has been vocally roasting Island Health for months now.

It’s been interesting to watch, and the face-off is only getting more heated.

Nataros has been expressing grievances with the Island Health system from the bottom up.

He’s called for the resignation of Island Health Officer Ben Williams and other leaders in the institution based on accusations of corruption and not upholding their duties to the public.

Island Health has expressed their own problems with Nataros, which came to a head with them banning him from practicing in Island emergency rooms, leaving his co-workers to scramble to fill shifts.

Island Health has attributed the ban to a reported complaint from a patient about Nataros’s conduct.

Nataros has denied this, saying the real reason behind the ban is his outspoken criticism.

Now, he seems to be taking the next step to distance himself from the Island Health System.

As a result, Port Hardians will be getting a new health center.

Nataros has announced he’ll be opening the Quatse Community Health Centre on June 1st, led by himself and another outspoken Island health critic Dr. Howie Lee.

The two of them will be joined by another physician on July 1st.

He stated the reason for opening the new center is that our health care system has seriously underserved Port Hardy.

“There are various reasons for this, many political, but not necessary to flesh out here. Those of you who have followed recent media stories may better understand,” he told the North Island Gazette.

So what kind of care will the center provide?

Nataros has said the center will be committed to “evidence-based, culturally safe, accessible primary healthcare, led by physicians.”

It will be located in the Thunderbird Mall, across from Hardy Bay Drugstore, on Kwagu’l First Nation traditional territory.

It will feature eight clinic rooms, a central ‘activity’ room that can be used for yoga/stretching/group medical visits/etc. – plus, it will have dog-friendly rooms.

He says the center will aim to create a wellness-optimizing approach rather than only heal illness.

Because the space will be run as a non-profit, Nataros says he needs help to make this happen.

You can join the health center community on Facebook at “Quatse Community Health Centre” or on Twitter @QuatseCHC.

He says for ideas/topics related to the clinic you would like explored, to please email suggestions to: or find him online on Facebook/Twitter “Alex Nataros MD”