Three children running away from the camera along a gravel trail in the woods

Photo Credit: PxHere Images

Cheslakees Elementary is Helping Little Kids Get Outside This Spring

There's no event this year, but kids can still learn

Port McNeil families can register for an “Explore the Outdoors” kit for kids between 4 and 5 years old

In normal years, Cheslakees Elementary hosts a Ready, Set, Learn event for little kids. The event teaches kids about the plants and bugs that live around the school, and helps them get ready for the kinds of things they’ll be doing in Kindergarten.

But folks know this is not a normal year.

The teachers at Cheslakees still want to get the little guys outside, though. They are sending out “Explore the Outdoors” kits to families in the area. To get a kit, send an email to by May 10th. There are only a small number of kits, so it’s important to send that email early. Also, they ask that you only get one kit per family. Don’t worry, the kids can share!

A poster with the same details as explained in this post, including purpose of the event, email address where you can register for a kit, and cartoons of kids exploring plants and insects.