A black-and-white photo of Corwin Fox writing on a notepad in a studio.

Photo Credit: Corwin Fox

A Fox in the Musical Hen House

See him perform at the upcoming Woodstove Festival in Cumberland

Cumberland singer/songwriter is a multi-instrumentalist who loves tinkering around in his home studiio

Corwin Fox gets around – musically. From folk and rock, to blue grass and hip hop, he can be as hard to pin down as a rolling stone.

Fox likes it that way.

The Cumberland-based musician and songwriter has a knack for penning catchy hooks and melodies, and writing whimsical and at times savagely honest lyrics that can make you smile and squirm at the same time.

Born in Halifax and raised in Ottawa, Fox attended Canterbury High, an arts school, where he studied theatre and learned to play bass, guitar and mandolin.

He moved on to Fanshawe College for the music engineering program. During his time there, he won a 2001 EMI Music Publishing Canada best song award for a number called “Doctor God.” 

This multi-instrumentalist has toured globally with various artists, including Arcade Fire’s Richard Reed Parry.

He has worked on more than 160 albums, in numerous roles as musician and producer, and has three full-length albums and six EPs to his credit. His latest released, 2018’s Corwin Fox & The Cumberland Brothers, is a folk-roots inspired album.

“He helps people face fears, clear hurdles, dig deep, and shine. He sits patiently when things need space, he’s full of great ideas when situations need inspiration, and he’s a tireless insomniac when deadlines loom,” wrote Archie Pateman, one half of the Cumberland Brothers, in a story published by the CVCollective.

These days, Fox prefers spending his creative energy writing and producing in his home studio, headquarters for the Corwin Fox Academy of Perpetual Excellence.

Corwin Fox is playing Cumberland’s upcoming Woodstove Festival, being held November 4–6th. Be sure to check out the whole festival: www.woodstovefestival.ca.